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  • How To - Reduce Stress for Your Team

    There is plenty of stress around at the moment. As leaders, managing ongoing and acute stress effectively for ourselves and our teams is essential. Few things spread faster than the negative emotions associated with stress and fear. In this video we explore one practical way to reduce stress for ...

  • This Week - 15th July 2024

    Here's what is coming up this week at Leadership Today.

  • How To - Reduce Stress Through Exercise

    If you have a stressful job chances are you already know that exercise will help. Exercise reduces stress. But research also demonstrates that the stress we experience at work reduces our desire to exercise. In this video we share four ideas to increase and make the most out of exercise.

  • How To - Benefit Others Through Mindfulness

    Mindfulness has seen dramatically increased popularity in recent years, particularly within Western organisations. And why not? Mindfulness has repeatedly demonstrated lots of personal benefits for individuals. As a result, mindfulness almost automatically appears in leadership development traini...

  • How To - Delegate Effectively in Eight Steps

    There are many reasons why people don’t delegate. Perhaps they are worried about quality of the results. Or they just don’t have the time to delegate. Many have had bad experiences with delegation going wrong in the past. However, effective delegation is at the core of great leadership. The rate ...

  • Drew Ginn - World Class Leadership

    Four time Olympian Drew Ginn shares his experiences about world class leadership. This includes:
    - how to build a world class team
    - managing stress
    - achieving long-term goals while also focusing on the present
    - coming back from injury and disappointment
    - navigating a rewarding career
    - work/l...

  • Webinar: Working Out How to Work

    Chances are your team and organisation are struggling to figure out how best to work. Are we in the office? If so, how many days a week? Who gets to decide which days? Can’t I just work from home all the time? Leaders are thoroughly confused about the best way forward.

    So often this conversation...

  • Leading Through Change and Uncertainty

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    In this course we cover:
    1. Whether people really hate change
    2. Your brain on uncertainty
    3. Three basic human needs
    4. Stages of change and how to lead through them
    5. Essential skills of reflection, strategic foresight, providing clarity, influencing and making a connection
    6. Some practical t...

  • Goal Setting

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  • Strategy
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