Building Connections

Building Connections

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Building Connections
  • How To - Deal with Defensiveness

    I am sure that you have needed to work with a defensive person before. Perhaps they just didn’t want to hear some feedback that is being provided. Or they quickly blamed others when something went wrong. Maybe they were resistant to new initiatives and changes. In this video we discuss three ways...

  • How To - Use Empathy in Leadership

    The topic of empathy in leadership can lead to some really interesting conversations. Many leaders will talk about empathy being absolutely essential to leading others effectively - and they’re right. Others will talk about the risk of empathy leading to burnout as we take on the concerns of othe...

  • How To - Use Ten Great Leadership Questions

    With the advent of the Internet and AI, answers have become prevalent and cheap. It’s now the trustworthiness and quality of answers that varies. Questions are the valuable commodity now. In this video we explore 10 great questions you can use as a leader.

  • How To - Benefit From Doing Good

    Research demonstrates there are numerous benefits for individuals and organisations from kindness and doing good at work. We provide three ideas to boost the amount of kindness in your workplace.

  • How To - Deal with Jargon

    The use of jargon has a negative impact on our ability to communicate clearly. Research shows that even when we explain jargon, it still reduces our influence.

  • How To - Make a Great Leadership First Impression

    People make rapid judgements about our leadership capability. Here's how we can ensure we make a great leadership first impression.

  • How To - Level Up Your Listening

    Effective listening is a core part of leadership effectiveness. In this video we explore levels of listening and five tips to improve your listening.

  • How To - Ask For a Mentor

    Mentoring has a broad range of benefits. But sometimes the best way to find a mentor isn't to ask for one. Here's what you should do instead.

  • How To - Align Your Impact With Your Intent

    The impact we make on others doesn't always align with our intent. Here are four important principles for leaders who want to address this.

  • Quick Hit - Community Multiplies Support

    Support is even better in strong communities, where people are interconnected.

  • Quick Hit - The Key to Effective Professional Connections

  • Quick Hit - Connecting - Collaboration and Support

    Access the Leadership Practices Assessment -

  • Quick Hit - Compulsory Fun

    It turns out many people don’t like compulsory team building activities at work. So how do we build relationships and connections in a way that people do appreciate?

  • Quick Hit - Putting the “Inter” Into Connection

    Research shows our teams are becoming more intra-connected and less inter-connected. Here are three tips for bringing inter-connection back.

  • Shane Hatton - Let's Talk Culture

    Shane is a Queenslander by birth, Melbournian by choice, curious by nature and creative at heart. He has spent the last decade developing remarkable leaders, teams and cultures.
    He is an expert in leader communication, blending his experience in business and psychology to help leaders communicate...