Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence
  • How To - Use Empathy in Leadership

    The topic of empathy in leadership can lead to some really interesting conversations. Many leaders will talk about empathy being absolutely essential to leading others effectively - and they’re right. Others will talk about the risk of empathy leading to burnout as we take on the concerns of othe...

  • How To - Stop Procrastinating

    Procrastination plagues many of us. In fact, research suggests that around 25% of people have procrastination as a defining personality trait. But whether you procrastinate all the time or just every so often, I’m sure you would love to procrastinate a little less. Learn some practical steps to try.

  • How To - Rely Less on Will Power and Build Self-Control

    We are all faced with situations that require self-control, but it turns out self-control in the moment isn't a great approach. Researchers Williamson and Wilkowski identified four techniques we can apply in advance that can build our self-control.

  • How To - Rid Yourself of Impostor Syndrome

    Impostor syndrome is the fear of being exposed as a fraud. Thinking that we lack the capability necessary for the challenges we face, and are only avoiding being found out through hard work and luck. In this video we explore nine ways to rid yourself of impostor syndrome.

  • How To - Explore Your Untapped Potential

    Our boundaries are not fixed, rather they are there to be tested and expanded. In this video we explore how the Johari Window provides a useful starting point for understanding how to explore our untapped potential.

  • How To - Gain Benefits From Nature at Work

    Exposure to nature has a surprisingly wide range of benefits. Here are some tips to help gain the benefits of nature with your team.

  • How To - Level Up Your Listening

    Effective listening is a core part of leadership effectiveness. In this video we explore levels of listening and five tips to improve your listening.

  • How To - Maintain Composure Under Pressure

    It’s common to experience stress at work and then struggle to perform at our best. We might even react in ways we regret later. In this video we explore how to maintain composure under pressure. Explore the Harnessing Your Emotions 5 Day Challenge for more - https://leadershiptoday.vhx.tv/challen...

  • Ellen Jackson - Positive Psychology and Leadership

    I speak with Ellen Jackson who is a psychologist, writer, speaker, consultant and coach. Her business, Potential Psychology, helps leaders and teams to thrive and flourish. She is also the host of the Potential Psychology podcast which recently featured its 100th episode.
    In this discussion we co...

  • Quick Hit - Sleep Helps Positive Emotions

  • Quick Hit: Angry Men and Sad Women