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  • How To - Decide When to Set a Stretch Goal

    Stretch goals are incredibly popular for individuals and organisations. But are they effective? It depends on two key conditions. Learn more about the right time to set a stretch goal for yourself and your team.

  • How To - Apply Strategic Foresight

    It’s a classic challenge - How do we lead others through times of uncertainty when we’re not clear ourselves? Perhaps our industry is going through significant change. Or perhaps you report into a leadership team that hasn’t provided a clear strategy and direction. We can’t just make things up - ...

  • How To - Inspire Others from the Outside In

    The key mechanism of effective leadership is aligned motivation. As leaders we want a group of people who aren’t just motivated, but are motivated towards the same vision and objectives. Our job as leaders isn’t to motivate people, but rather to inspire them. When we inspire someone we are sparki...

  • How To - Apply the Four Skills of Leading in a Crisis

    As we read the news it seems like there is a new crisis every week - fires, floods, earthquakes, financial mismanagement, and international tensions. And we also face crises at work as well. In this video we explore four skills that effective leaders show during a crisis.

  • How To... Work Even Smarter

    We’ve all heard the mantra, work smarter, not harder. But sometimes our idea of ‘smarter’ still isn’t the smartest way to work. Here's how to make sure we're doing the right work.

  • How To - Lead Through Change

    Change is ever present. In this video we explore the stages of change and how you can lead others through change successfully.

  • How To - Operate in Uncertainty

    We live in a complex world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Lessons from a medical context can help us to navigate this complexity successfully.

  • How to - Use Meaning to Motivate Others

    Meaning is a powerful motivator. In this video we explore levels of purpose, and simple ways to connect people to the organisation's direction.

  • How To - Lead Through a Crisis

    When you’re in leadership for long enough you discover that crises are inevitable. In this video we look at five ideas to help you lead through a crisis.

  • Anita Fleming - Purpose for Individuals, Teams and Organisations

    Anita Fleming, Founder & Director of FourFold Consulting (, shares why purpose is so important for individuals, teams and organisations.

    Anita is a commercially-focused leader specialising in people, strategy and transformation. Having held executive roles ...

  • Quick Hit: Be More Strategic... Whatever That Means

  • Dr Ciela Hartanov - What the Future of Work Means for Leaders

    We talk all things future of work and what it means for leaders with Dr Ciela Hartanov.

    Ciela has a doctorate in Culture and Human Behavior and has applied that knowledge to tech organizations for almost two decades. She now runs humcollective, a boutique strategy and innovation firm.

    Ciela wa...