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Leadership Essentials

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Leadership Essentials
  • How To - Train to Retain

    Research reveals that investing in the development of our people increases employee retention, even when they gain skills that can pay more. Learn more about the research and how to apply it with your team.

  • How To - Delegate Effectively in Eight Steps

    There are many reasons why people don’t delegate. Perhaps they are worried about quality of the results. Or they just don’t have the time to delegate. Many have had bad experiences with delegation going wrong in the past. However, effective delegation is at the core of great leadership. The rate ...

  • How To - Make the Most of Having People Together

    There has been a lot of debate and discussion about the need for offices. The global pandemic revealed just how possible it was for many people to work from anywhere. But research indicates there are five reasons to occasionally bring people together. In this video we explore how to make the most...

  • How To - Have Better (and Fewer) Meetings

    Over the past 50 years, the average amount of time leaders spend in meetings has steadily increased from below 10 hours per week in the 1960s to now approaching 23 hours per week. Research reveals three factors we need to get right to make meetings effective. We also share five ways to have bette...

  • How To - Turn Criticism into Feedback and Growth

    Feedback isn't always easy to give or receive. In this video we explore why that's the case, and tips for giving and receiving feedback more effectively.

  • How To - Inspire Others from the Outside In

    The key mechanism of effective leadership is aligned motivation. As leaders we want a group of people who aren’t just motivated, but are motivated towards the same vision and objectives. Our job as leaders isn’t to motivate people, but rather to inspire them. When we inspire someone we are sparki...

  • How To - Share Bad News

    It's difficult to share bad news well. People have a tendency to "shoot the messenger" - placing the blame for the bad news on the person sharing it, and then avoiding that person. But there are simple steps we can take when sharing bad news.

  • How To - Avoid Micromanagement

    With remote working, there's more micromanagement than ever before. In this video we explore what drives a leader to micromanage, and five tips to avoid it.

  • How To - Remove Frustrations for Your Team

    Removing frustrations is an important part of effective leadership. In this video, we explore three conditions that magnify frustrations, and six tips to reduce frustrations for you and your team.

  • How To - Rid Yourself of Impostor Syndrome

    Impostor syndrome is the fear of being exposed as a fraud. Thinking that we lack the capability necessary for the challenges we face, and are only avoiding being found out through hard work and luck. In this video we explore nine ways to rid yourself of impostor syndrome.

  • How To - Help Customers By Putting Employees First

    Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin, once famously said “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers.” But does the research back this up? And what can we do to implement this idea in practice?

  • How To - Make a Great Leadership First Impression

    People make rapid judgements about our leadership capability. Here's how we can ensure we make a great leadership first impression.

  • How To... Work Even Smarter

    We’ve all heard the mantra, work smarter, not harder. But sometimes our idea of ‘smarter’ still isn’t the smartest way to work. Here's how to make sure we're doing the right work.

  • How To - Increase Psychological Safety

    Psychological safety isn't about being comfortable - it's about creating an environment where people can be confident trying new things, making the occasional mistake, and learning new skills. In this video we explore two leadership styles that help build an environment of psychological safety.

  • How To - Lead Through Change

    Change is ever present. In this video we explore the stages of change and how you can lead others through change successfully.

  • How To - Level Up Your Listening

    Effective listening is a core part of leadership effectiveness. In this video we explore levels of listening and five tips to improve your listening.

  • How To - Bring A New Team Together

    Whether it’s a completely new team, or a change in the members of a team, it can be challenging to bring a new team together. In this video we explore the stages of team development, and ways to build cohesion and purpose within your team.

  • How To - Make Better Decisions

  • Quick Hit - Make Sure Your Appreciation is Appreciated

    Appreciation is an under-utilised method for engaging and motivating our people. This week we explore the most appreciated ways of showing appreciation.

  • Quick Hit - Making Meetings Great

    Over the past few years meetings have become worse than ever. Here’s what meeting science teaches us about how to make meetings great.

  • Quick Hit: Be More Strategic... Whatever That Means

  • Quick Hit: Managing Bias

  • Quick Hit - When to Set a Deadline

    Deadlines attract our attention and energy. We can use that to our advantage.

  • Quick Hit - The Three Stages in Any Meeting

    Every meeting has three stages. Great leaders manage each stage well. Which one could you improve?