The Future of Work

The Future of Work

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The Future of Work
  • How To - Make the Most of Having People Together

    There has been a lot of debate and discussion about the need for offices. The global pandemic revealed just how possible it was for many people to work from anywhere. But research indicates there are five reasons to occasionally bring people together. In this video we explore how to make the most...

  • How To - Have Better (and Fewer) Meetings

    Over the past 50 years, the average amount of time leaders spend in meetings has steadily increased from below 10 hours per week in the 1960s to now approaching 23 hours per week. Research reveals three factors we need to get right to make meetings effective. We also share five ways to have bette...

  • How To - Pause Before You Pivot

    There’s a lot of focus at the moment on the need for organisations and individuals to pivot. In this video we explore the four C's you should consider before making a change - Capability, Content, Channel and Call.

  • How To - Avoid Micromanagement

    With remote working, there's more micromanagement than ever before. In this video we explore what drives a leader to micromanage, and five tips to avoid it.

  • Webinar: Demystifying Psychological Safety

    As the concept of psychological safety has become popularised, some of the key elements risk being overlooked. Some inaccurately portray psychologically safe cultures as soft on performance, with low standards, consensus decision making and niceness at all costs leading to risks being ignored.


  • Quick Hit - Are We Still Debating the Office?

    Ongoing debates remain about returning to the office. Here are some thoughts to tackle this often contentious topic.

  • Belinda Morgan - The Future is Flexible

    Belinda Morgan is a coach and consultant whose career has spanned roles as a leadership consultant, organisational coach, management consultant, accountant and tax specialist. She is the author of the new book Solving the Part Time Puzzle: How to decrease your hours, increase your impact and thri...

  • Quick Hit - Flexible Hours Beats Working at Home

  • Webinar: Working Out How to Work

    Chances are your team and organisation are struggling to figure out how best to work. Are we in the office? If so, how many days a week? Who gets to decide which days? Can’t I just work from home all the time? Leaders are thoroughly confused about the best way forward.

    So often this conversation...

  • Dr Ciela Hartanov - What the Future of Work Means for Leaders

    We talk all things future of work and what it means for leaders with Dr Ciela Hartanov.

    Ciela has a doctorate in Culture and Human Behavior and has applied that knowledge to tech organizations for almost two decades. She now runs humcollective, a boutique strategy and innovation firm.

    Ciela wa...

  • Quick Hit - Working Out How to Work

  • Belinda Morgan - Solving the Part-Time Puzzle

    In this Ask an Expert video I speak with Belinda Morgan, author of the book Solving the Part-Time Puzzle - How to Decrease Your Hours, Increase Your Impact and Thrive in Your Part-Time Role. You can find our mote about Belinda and buy the book via her website -

  • Webinar: The Psychology of Returning to the Office

    Remote, hybrid and on-site - people are heading back into the office, if only for a few days per week. What seems on the surface to be an easy transition back into office life is proving to be anything but. During this 55 minute webinar we will explore core psychological principles that will set...

  • Webinar: Making Virtual Team Feedback More Real

    Feedback is tricky at the best of times, but particularly challenging in virtual teams. Research demonstrates some ways to improve that situation.