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  • How To - Level Up Your Listening

    Effective listening is a core part of leadership effectiveness. In this video we explore levels of listening and five tips to improve your listening.

  • How To - Ask For a Mentor

    Mentoring has a broad range of benefits. But sometimes the best way to find a mentor isn't to ask for one. Here's what you should do instead.

  • Quick Hit - The Power of Options

    We often settle on the first option we develop, but there is power in generating multiple options.

  • Clifford Morgan - Building Belonging While Navigating Leadership Pressure

    Clifford ia an organisational psychologist and author of the book The Coaching Leader: Essential skills to enhance your leadership and develop your people every day. Cliff is the Executive Director of Lumian Consulting, where he spends his time helping senior leaders and their teams pursue their ...

  • Quick Hit - Feedback Isn't Coaching

    It's easy to confuse or try to combine feedback and coaching, but they are quite different.

  • Anita Fleming - Purpose for Individuals, Teams and Organisations

    Anita Fleming, Founder & Director of FourFold Consulting (, shares why purpose is so important for individuals, teams and organisations.

    Anita is a commercially-focused leader specialising in people, strategy and transformation. Having held executive roles ...

  • Ask an Expert - Clifford Morgan

    In this interview we speak with Clifford Morgan, author of the new book "The Coaching Leader - Essential Skills to Enhance Your Leadership and Develop Your People Every Day". 

    We discuss:
    - Challenges leaders are facing today
    - The benefits of leaders taking on a coaching approach
    - What it take...