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  • How To - Productively Fail

    How do you think about failure? For most people, failure is something to be avoided at all costs. However, failure and mistakes are an essential part of learning. In fact, if we want to learn and develop, we definitely need more productive failure - failure that pushes us forward and leaves us be...

  • How To - Apply Strategic Foresight

    It’s a classic challenge - How do we lead others through times of uncertainty when we’re not clear ourselves? Perhaps our industry is going through significant change. Or perhaps you report into a leadership team that hasn’t provided a clear strategy and direction. We can’t just make things up - ...

  • How To - Stay Curious

    Curiosity provides a range of benefits for individuals and teams. In this video we explore four ideas you can try to remain curious.

  • How To... Work Even Smarter

    We’ve all heard the mantra, work smarter, not harder. But sometimes our idea of ‘smarter’ still isn’t the smartest way to work. Here's how to make sure we're doing the right work.

  • How To - Bend The Rules With Integrity

    Rules can be frustrating. It can be tempting to bend the rules or ignore them altogether, but this can lead to negative outcomes. In this video we explore how to work around rules but maintain your integrity.

  • Quick Hit - Does Working From Home Limit Creativity?

  • Quick Hit - Can I Make Myself More Creative?

    We could all do with more creativity. But can we make ourselves more creative?

  • #5 The One About Creativity

    How creative are you as a people leader? Shane Hatton explores this further.