Decision Making

Decision Making

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Decision Making
  • How To - Productively Fail

    How do you think about failure? For most people, failure is something to be avoided at all costs. However, failure and mistakes are an essential part of learning. In fact, if we want to learn and develop, we definitely need more productive failure - failure that pushes us forward and leaves us be...

  • How To - Use Ten Great Leadership Questions

    With the advent of the Internet and AI, answers have become prevalent and cheap. It’s now the trustworthiness and quality of answers that varies. Questions are the valuable commodity now. In this video we explore 10 great questions you can use as a leader.

  • How To - Have Better (and Fewer) Meetings

    Over the past 50 years, the average amount of time leaders spend in meetings has steadily increased from below 10 hours per week in the 1960s to now approaching 23 hours per week. Research reveals three factors we need to get right to make meetings effective. We also share five ways to have bette...

  • How To - Share Bad News

    It's difficult to share bad news well. People have a tendency to "shoot the messenger" - placing the blame for the bad news on the person sharing it, and then avoiding that person. But there are simple steps we can take when sharing bad news.

  • How To - Pause Before You Pivot

    There’s a lot of focus at the moment on the need for organisations and individuals to pivot. In this video we explore the four C's you should consider before making a change - Capability, Content, Channel and Call.

  • How To - Drive Team Success Through Tasks, Processes and Relationships

    Great teams reduce conflict by managing tasks, processes and relationships. Explore some helpful questions to increase the effectiveness of your team.

  • How To - Stay Curious

    Curiosity provides a range of benefits for individuals and teams. In this video we explore four ideas you can try to remain curious.

  • How To - Bend The Rules With Integrity

    Rules can be frustrating. It can be tempting to bend the rules or ignore them altogether, but this can lead to negative outcomes. In this video we explore how to work around rules but maintain your integrity.

  • How To - Gain Input From Others

    Even the best leaders need to listen to broad perspectives. This week we explore practical ways to gain input from others.

  • Quick Hit - The Power of Options

    We often settle on the first option we develop, but there is power in generating multiple options.

  • How To - Make Better Decisions

  • Quick Hit: Scheduled Decisions Reduce Worry