Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations

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Difficult Conversations
  • How To - Deal with Defensiveness

    I am sure that you have needed to work with a defensive person before. Perhaps they just didn’t want to hear some feedback that is being provided. Or they quickly blamed others when something went wrong. Maybe they were resistant to new initiatives and changes. In this video we discuss three ways...

  • How To - Decide if a Problem is Worth Tackling

    We can often be approached to address interpersonal issues or other sensitive topics. It's important to decide what issues are worth tackling, and which aren't. In this video we explore a simple question to ask to help decide if a problem is worth tackling.

  • How To - Turn Criticism into Feedback and Growth

    Feedback isn't always easy to give or receive. In this video we explore why that's the case, and tips for giving and receiving feedback more effectively.

  • How To - Share Bad News

    It's difficult to share bad news well. People have a tendency to "shoot the messenger" - placing the blame for the bad news on the person sharing it, and then avoiding that person. But there are simple steps we can take when sharing bad news.

  • How To - Say No While Remaining Helpful

    Being able to say "no" is a key part of being an effective leader. But how do we do it and still remain helpful? In this video we share two tips that will help.

  • How To - Provide Accurate Performance Feedback

    People often overestimate their performance. Here are some tips on how to address this and provide accurate performance feedback.

  • How To - Tackle Conflict Head On

    Most people think of conflict as negative and something to be avoided. But in a diverse workplace, conflict is inevitable and can be productive. Take time to review these tips for tackling conflict head on.

  • How To - Influence Others More Effectively

    Influencing is most effective when you use a range of approaches. Here are the influencing tactics that work best.

  • How To - Deliver Negative Feedback

    Leaders often avoid providing negative feedback, however it is an important part of managing performance. Providing more positive feedback and applying four principles from research can make a big difference.

  • How To - Provide Feedback in the Moment

    Many leaders struggle to provide feedback. Here are some tips to help you provide feedback in the moment.

  • How To - Be More Courageous

    Whether it's speaking up in meetings, taking on challenging projects, or navigating uncertain situations, courage plays a pivotal role at work. In this video we explore how to be more courageous at work.

  • How To - Negotiate Effectively

    Whether it’s working arrangements, a pay rise, contract terms with a client or project timelines with colleagues, we are all required to negotiate at some point. In this video we explore ways to negotiate effectively.

  • How To - Handle Sensitive Issues at Work

    When sensitive issues arise in the workplace it can be hard to know what to say and do. We might shy away from political and social issues, or find it difficult to respond to those taking a particular stand on an issue. In this video we explore practical ways to handle political and other sensiti...

  • How To - Manage a Persistently Negative Team Member

    Negativity can really impact a team’s motivation and performance. In this video we explore how to manage a persistently negative team member.

  • Ask an Expert - Ralph Kilmann

    In this interview we speak with Ralph Kilmann, conflict management expert and author of the book Mastering the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, detailing the tool he co-created almost 50 years ago. We discuss:
    - What drew him to conflict in the first place
    - Why conflict is on the rise an...

  • Quick Hit - Difficult Conversations

    Check out this simple structure for handling difficult conversations.