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  • How To - Train to Retain

    Research reveals that investing in the development of our people increases employee retention, even when they gain skills that can pay more. Learn more about the research and how to apply it with your team.

  • How To - Delegate Effectively in Eight Steps

    There are many reasons why people don’t delegate. Perhaps they are worried about quality of the results. Or they just don’t have the time to delegate. Many have had bad experiences with delegation going wrong in the past. However, effective delegation is at the core of great leadership. The rate ...

  • How To - Deal with Defensiveness

    I am sure that you have needed to work with a defensive person before. Perhaps they just didn’t want to hear some feedback that is being provided. Or they quickly blamed others when something went wrong. Maybe they were resistant to new initiatives and changes. In this video we discuss three ways...

  • How To - See Potential in People

    What we think about people has an impact not just on how we personally perceive them, but also on their actual behaviour. In this video we explore five ways to challenge our thinking and demonstrate belief in others' potential.

  • How To - Continue Learning at Work

    In this video we explore the four drivers of learning identified by Charles Jennings - exposure to challenging experiences, opportunities to practice, participation in networks, and spaces for reflection.

  • How To - Pause Before You Pivot

    There’s a lot of focus at the moment on the need for organisations and individuals to pivot. In this video we explore the four C's you should consider before making a change - Capability, Content, Channel and Call.

  • How To - Make and Break Habits

    Researchers have used an interesting approach to find out more about making and breaking habits. There are two factors we can each vary to make or break a habit. Learn more in this video.

  • How To - Explore Your Untapped Potential

    Our boundaries are not fixed, rather they are there to be tested and expanded. In this video we explore how the Johari Window provides a useful starting point for understanding how to explore our untapped potential.

  • How To - Provide Accurate Performance Feedback

    People often overestimate their performance. Here are some tips on how to address this and provide accurate performance feedback.

  • How To - Push Through the Discomfort of Learning

    Trying something new can feel awkward. We can quickly discover just how much we don't know. It can be tempting to give up. But there are benefits to pushing through the discomfort.

  • How To - Keep Your Best People

    With staff turnover rates on the rise, here are some simple tips to help keep your best people.

  • How To - Deliver Negative Feedback

    Leaders often avoid providing negative feedback, however it is an important part of managing performance. Providing more positive feedback and applying four principles from research can make a big difference.

  • How To - Ask For a Mentor

    Mentoring has a broad range of benefits. But sometimes the best way to find a mentor isn't to ask for one. Here's what you should do instead.

  • How To - Build A Great Career

    With so much uncertainty and change it can be difficult to map out your career. However there are still steps we can take to build a great career.

  • How To - Develop a Leadership Succession Plan

    Moving on to a new role is a whole lot smoother when you have someone ready to replace you. In this video we walk through the key steps to developing a leadership succession plan.

  • How To - Set Better Goals

    Given how important goal setting is to performance and satisfaction, we can all use some tips to improve our goal setting. This week we explore how to set better goals.

  • How To - Deal With Underperformance

    Leadership is challenging at the best of times, but even more so when people aren’t hitting the mark. This week we explore how to deal with underperformance.

  • How To - Take a Broader Perspective

    Our thinking can fall into a rut over time. This week we explore five ways to take a broader perspective.

  • How To - Prepare for a Job Interview

    The week we explore how to prepare for a job interview to give you the best chance of winning that new position.

  • How To - Work More Effectively With Your Manager

    The working relationship with our manager is particularly important to our performance and career. We explore some practical ways to build this relationship.

  • Quick Hit - Tight and Loose Goals

    This week we explore how goal setting changes over time and with our personality preferences. Could setting tighter goals make us more happy?

  • Quick Hit - Stop Looking for Your Next Job

    With a fluid employment market it can be tempting to keep looking for new opportunities. This week we explore why you might need to stop looking for your next job.

  • Webinar: Smashing Your Professional Development Goals

    Why do we so often struggle to set and achieve goals? What does psychological research teach us about effective goal setting? In this webinar we explore these questions, and also walk through an effective professional development goal setting process step by step.

  • Clifford Morgan - Building Belonging While Navigating Leadership Pressure

    Clifford ia an organisational psychologist and author of the book The Coaching Leader: Essential skills to enhance your leadership and develop your people every day. Cliff is the Executive Director of Lumian Consulting, where he spends his time helping senior leaders and their teams pursue their ...