• Masterclass - Rid Yourself of Impostor Syndrome

    Ever felt like a fraud? The fear that one day someone will point out that you actually have no idea what you're doing? Impostor syndrome is surprisingly common, particularly amongst those who aim high and keep developing. But self-doubt can put limits on our ability to make progress, achieve our ...

  • Webinar: Demystifying Psychological Safety

    As the concept of psychological safety has become popularised, some of the key elements risk being overlooked. Some inaccurately portray psychologically safe cultures as soft on performance, with low standards, consensus decision making and niceness at all costs leading to risks being ignored.


  • Webinar: Smashing Your Professional Development Goals

    Why do we so often struggle to set and achieve goals? What does psychological research teach us about effective goal setting? In this webinar we explore these questions, and also walk through an effective professional development goal setting process step by step.

  • Webinar: Working Out How to Work

    Chances are your team and organisation are struggling to figure out how best to work. Are we in the office? If so, how many days a week? Who gets to decide which days? Can’t I just work from home all the time? Leaders are thoroughly confused about the best way forward.

    So often this conversation...

  • Webinar: Lean Leadership

    In this webinar we explore the lean methodology. You will:
    - Examine the relevance of the Lean philosophy, history and mindset in today’s context
    - Explore the Lean toolkit of core methodologies for continuous improvement
    - Understand how to apply Lean methods to everyday challenges and opportuni...

  • Webinar: The Psychology of Returning to the Office

    Remote, hybrid and on-site - people are heading back into the office, if only for a few days per week. What seems on the surface to be an easy transition back into office life is proving to be anything but. During this 55 minute webinar we will explore core psychological principles that will set...

  • Webinar: Leadership Development Concepts and Practices - IPAA Victoria

    Andrew Beveridge shares what matters when it comes to leadership development in organisations.

  • Webinar: Creating Hope on the Edge of Chaos

    These are challenging times for leaders and for our people. So much can seem unpredictable and out of control. It’s easy for people to lose hope. In this webinar we explore practical ways that you can build hope for you and your team.

  • Webinar: Delegation Without The Drama

    How are you at delegation? Most leaders find delegation challenging. In this webinar we step back to discuss why you should delegate, some common pitfalls, the stages of delegation and detail a useful delegation process.

  • Webinar: Rebuilding Trust

    Trust is an essential part of effective leadership. This webinar explores practical ways to build and maintain trust within and beyond your team to improve engagement, openness and performance.

  • Webinar: Making Virtual Team Feedback More Real

    Feedback is tricky at the best of times, but particularly challenging in virtual teams. Research demonstrates some ways to improve that situation.

  • Webinar: Reimagining the Workforce

    What models, tools and talent will you need for your future workforce? Expert panel: Colin Beames, Dr Gavin Didsbury and Gina McCredie, and moderate by Andrew Beveridge - all members of the #PsychScienceAlliance

  • Webinar: A Procrastinator's Guide

    Ever find yourself procrastinating? You know there's something important to get to, but you can't quite bring yourself to start. In this webinar we explore a procrastinator's guide to get yourself going on the things that matter most to you.

  • Webinar: Leading Through Change and Uncertainty

    Change and uncertainty are features of all workplaces and require effective leadership to ensure people remain engaged, motivated, healthy and productive. In this webinar we explore the stages of change, needs of employees, and approaches leaders can take to survive and thrive. Is a change really...

  • Webinar: Managing Your Time in an Infinite Job

    Most of us have what I call infinite jobs - where we could just keep working more hours and never quite get everything done. In this webinar we look at practical ways to manage infinite jobs, improving our productivity while also regaining control over our hours.

  • Webinar: Boosting Productivity by Reducing Frustrations

    In this 20 minute webinar we explore:
    - Research we have conducted into the impacts on frustrations on productivity and stress
    - Five practical ways leaders can help reduce frustrations and build productivity

  • Webinar: Rethinking Assertiveness

    In this 20 minute webinar recording we discuss:
    - Common misconceptions about assertiveness
    - What is assertiveness?
    - Measuring assertiveness
    - Reflection and action

  • Webinar: Transforming Teams

    Teams are forming and disbanding more often than ever. There's increased uncertainty. We're facing mixed locations and differing hours. On top of that, people are seeking their primary identity and connection from their team. How do we lead through that?

    This 45 minute webinar explores what m...

  • Webinar: The Six Daily Practices of Outstanding Leaders

    Outstanding leaders undertake six daily practices that set them apart from the rest. In this 45 minute webinar you will learn what these practices are, and how you can incorporate them into your leadership to achieve results through people.

  • Webinar: Increase Your Influence

    In this 30 minute webinar recording we cover:
    - Influencing “from” and not just “to”
    - The importance of warmth and competence
    - The most effective influencing tactics
    - An opportunity for reflection and to plan action

  • Webinar: Well-Being for Leaders

    This 45 minute webinar covers the four main elements of well-being - physical, emotional, mental and purpose. We also think about what it means to lead others through the challenges of work in the current context. You will walk away with one or two changes you can experiment with in the coming we...