Leading Teams

Leading Teams

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Leading Teams
  • How To - Deal with Defensiveness

    I am sure that you have needed to work with a defensive person before. Perhaps they just didn’t want to hear some feedback that is being provided. Or they quickly blamed others when something went wrong. Maybe they were resistant to new initiatives and changes. In this video we discuss three ways...

  • How To - Make the Most of Having People Together

    There has been a lot of debate and discussion about the need for offices. The global pandemic revealed just how possible it was for many people to work from anywhere. But research indicates there are five reasons to occasionally bring people together. In this video we explore how to make the most...

  • How To - Decide if a Problem is Worth Tackling

    We can often be approached to address interpersonal issues or other sensitive topics. It's important to decide what issues are worth tackling, and which aren't. In this video we explore a simple question to ask to help decide if a problem is worth tackling.

  • How To - Inspire Others from the Outside In

    The key mechanism of effective leadership is aligned motivation. As leaders we want a group of people who aren’t just motivated, but are motivated towards the same vision and objectives. Our job as leaders isn’t to motivate people, but rather to inspire them. When we inspire someone we are sparki...

  • How To - Make the Workplace More Fun

    A fun workplace isn't just a nice thing. Having fun at work has significant impacts on performance, engagement, and stress. But research shows that not all fun is created equal. In this video we explore why fun works best when it's part of the job itself.

  • How To - Avoid Micromanagement

    With remote working, there's more micromanagement than ever before. In this video we explore what drives a leader to micromanage, and five tips to avoid it.

  • How To - Remove Frustrations for Your Team

    Removing frustrations is an important part of effective leadership. In this video, we explore three conditions that magnify frustrations, and six tips to reduce frustrations for you and your team.

  • How To - Drive Team Success Through Tasks, Processes and Relationships

    Great teams reduce conflict by managing tasks, processes and relationships. Explore some helpful questions to increase the effectiveness of your team.

  • How To - Prioritise Treating People Well

    Treating people well matters, and not just because it’s the right thing to do. Research shows that people who feel they are treated fairly perform better, and have higher team and organisational commitment. Find out five practical ways busy leaders put their people first.

  • How To - Run Team Meetings That Bring Out the Best in People

    Team meetings are a great opportunity to bring the best out of your people. In this video we share a simple structure you can try at your next team meeting.

  • How To - Harness the Power of Gratitude at Work

    Gratitude helps us individually and collectively in many ways, includng taking us away from a natural tendency to focus too much on the negatives. Here are some practical ways to boost gratitude for yourself and your team.

  • How To - Push Through the Discomfort of Learning

    Trying something new can feel awkward. We can quickly discover just how much we don't know. It can be tempting to give up. But there are benefits to pushing through the discomfort.

  • How To - Overcome a Fear of Delegation

    Most leaders struggle with delegation. Here are some principles to keep in mind to delegate effectively.

  • How To - Bring A New Team Together

    Whether it’s a completely new team, or a change in the members of a team, it can be challenging to bring a new team together. In this video we explore the stages of team development, and ways to build cohesion and purpose within your team.

  • How to - Be More Real on Video Calls

    Research demonstrates a risk of detachment and reduced connection on video calls. In this video we explore ways to be more real when we’re not meeting in-person.

  • How To - Lead Through a Crisis

    When you’re in leadership for long enough you discover that crises are inevitable. In this video we look at five ideas to help you lead through a crisis.

  • How To - Drive For Results

    Leadership is about achieving results through people. With the demands of managing people, it can be easy to lose sight of results we need to achieve and deliver. In this video we explore how to drive for results.

  • How To - Lead a Multigenerational Team

    There are more generations in the workforce than ever before. How do we ensure expectations are met and people work together effectively? In this video we discuss how to lead a multigenerational team.

  • How To - Lead a Team Through Grief

    Grief and loss are inevitable experiences for all of us. In this video we explore how to lead a team through grief.

  • How To - Gain Input From Others

    Even the best leaders need to listen to broad perspectives. This week we explore practical ways to gain input from others.

  • Quick Hit - Compulsory Fun

    It turns out many people don’t like compulsory team building activities at work. So how do we build relationships and connections in a way that people do appreciate?

  • Quick Hit - Make Sure Your Appreciation is Appreciated

    Appreciation is an under-utilised method for engaging and motivating our people. This week we explore the most appreciated ways of showing appreciation.

  • Quick Hit - Making Meetings Great

    Over the past few years meetings have become worse than ever. Here’s what meeting science teaches us about how to make meetings great.

  • Quick Hit - Putting the “Inter” Into Connection

    Research shows our teams are becoming more intra-connected and less inter-connected. Here are three tips for bringing inter-connection back.