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  • How To - Reduce Stress Through Exercise

    If you have a stressful job chances are you already know that exercise will help. Exercise reduces stress. But research also demonstrates that the stress we experience at work reduces our desire to exercise. In this video we share four ideas to increase and make the most out of exercise.

  • How To - Decide When to Set a Stretch Goal

    Stretch goals are incredibly popular for individuals and organisations. But are they effective? It depends on two key conditions. Learn more about the right time to set a stretch goal for yourself and your team.

  • How To - Stop Procrastinating

    Procrastination plagues many of us. In fact, research suggests that around 25% of people have procrastination as a defining personality trait. But whether you procrastinate all the time or just every so often, I’m sure you would love to procrastinate a little less. Learn some practical steps to try.

  • How To - Use Entrance Interviews

    Many organisations have exit interviews with people who are leaving the organisation. However, it’s important not just to focus on those leaving our organisation - after all, they’ve already decided to move on. We need to also capitalise on those who are newer to our organisation and the fresh pe...

  • How To - Inspire Others from the Outside In

    The key mechanism of effective leadership is aligned motivation. As leaders we want a group of people who aren’t just motivated, but are motivated towards the same vision and objectives. Our job as leaders isn’t to motivate people, but rather to inspire them. When we inspire someone we are sparki...

  • How To - Make the Workplace More Fun

    A fun workplace isn't just a nice thing. Having fun at work has significant impacts on performance, engagement, and stress. But research shows that not all fun is created equal. In this video we explore why fun works best when it's part of the job itself.

  • How To - Benefit From Doing Good

    Research demonstrates there are numerous benefits for individuals and organisations from kindness and doing good at work. We provide three ideas to boost the amount of kindness in your workplace.

  • How To - Build Hope

    The concept of hope captures the human imagination. It's more than just optimistic thinking. Research demonstrates that we can build hope for ourselves and our teams. In this video we explore the research and share four ways a leader can build hope for themselves and others.

  • How To - Rely Less on Will Power and Build Self-Control

    We are all faced with situations that require self-control, but it turns out self-control in the moment isn't a great approach. Researchers Williamson and Wilkowski identified four techniques we can apply in advance that can build our self-control.

  • How To - Make and Break Habits

    Researchers have used an interesting approach to find out more about making and breaking habits. There are two factors we can each vary to make or break a habit. Learn more in this video.

  • How To - Explore Your Untapped Potential

    Our boundaries are not fixed, rather they are there to be tested and expanded. In this video we explore how the Johari Window provides a useful starting point for understanding how to explore our untapped potential.

  • How To - Harness the Power of Gratitude at Work

    Gratitude helps us individually and collectively in many ways, includng taking us away from a natural tendency to focus too much on the negatives. Here are some practical ways to boost gratitude for yourself and your team.

  • How To - Boost Your Confidence Through Action

    Confidence is just about how we feel. If we want to feel more confident, we need to take confident action. Learn more about what holds us back and what we can do about it.

  • How To - Tame Your Limiting Thoughts

    We all have automatic limiting thoughts that can reduce our confidence and effectiveness. In this video we explore five ways to retrain your inner critic.

  • How to - Use Meaning to Motivate Others

    Meaning is a powerful motivator. In this video we explore levels of purpose, and simple ways to connect people to the organisation's direction.

  • How To - Influence Others More Effectively

    Influencing is most effective when you use a range of approaches. Here are the influencing tactics that work best.

  • How To - Be More Courageous

    Whether it's speaking up in meetings, taking on challenging projects, or navigating uncertain situations, courage plays a pivotal role at work. In this video we explore how to be more courageous at work.

  • How To - Drive For Results

    Leadership is about achieving results through people. With the demands of managing people, it can be easy to lose sight of results we need to achieve and deliver. In this video we explore how to drive for results.

  • How To - Stay Optimistic

    Optimism is pretty easy when things are going well. This week we explore how to stay optimistic, even in challenging situations.

  • Quick Hit - Inspiring - Aligning Motivation

    Access the Leadership Practices Assessment -

  • Quick Hit - How Humour Fuels Motivation

    Research shows that the use of humour by leaders can have positive impacts on innovation and other factors.

  • Quick Hit - Make Sure Your Appreciation is Appreciated

    Appreciation is an under-utilised method for engaging and motivating our people. This week we explore the most appreciated ways of showing appreciation.